Ron Holzman’s office hours:

Sunday 15:30-16:30 , Amado 605


Selected Topics in Game Theory  (106950),  Winter 2017/18:

  Sunday Thursday
 Hours:  13:30-15:30  15:30-16:30
 Place:  Amado 619  Amado 619

The course will cover topics in the theory of social choice (voting), with an emphasis on a game theoretic approach to the subject.


1. Social choice functions: efficiency, anonymity and neutrality.

2. The Condorcet paradox.

3. Monotonicity and strong monotonicity.

4. The impossibility theorems of Muller-Satterthwaite and Gibbard-Satterthwaite.

5. Social welfare functions and Arrow’s impossibility theorem.

6. Restricted domains.

7. Exactly and strongly consistent social choice functions.

8. Notions of effectivity for social choice correspondences.

9. The elimination method.

10. The blocking coefficients of an anonymous social choice function.

11. A characterization of anonymous, exactly and strongly consistent social choice functions with no veto power.

Recommended books:

H. Moulin, The strategy of social choice.

B. Peleg, Game theoretic analysis of voting in committees.